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Supported Missions

Community Outreach


 Arlington Community Services

 Arlington Community Services is a food pantry for residents in the  Arlington area of Jacksonville.





International Outreach


Central Brazil Mission

Reaching the people of Brazil for Christ by providing medical and dental assistance to the villages up and down the Amazon River.


Family Ministries of Florida

Providing a true family structure to children living at FMF.  They teach the children to: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD, PRAY HARD.


Christian Campus House UF

CCH is a 3-fold ministry whose focus is:

1. Become Family

2. Make Disciples

3. impact the world



Serving children, family, pastors and churches in Haiti to bridge the gap between them and God.



Christian Campus Fellowship FSU

Being what Christ would be like if He were a student
going to Florida State. Reaching FSU students through
Bible study, serving and campus outreach.


Impact Christian Fellowship USF

Serving the students at The University of South Florida and helping minister to the needs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.                                         


Johnson University of Florida

Located in Kissimmee, FL and home to over 200 students receiving extensive Bible teaching and ministry training alongside of their intended degrees.


North Florida Christian Service Camp

NFSCSC is a retreat center in Keystone, FL hosting camps and retreats for children all the way up through adults. NFCSC partners with churches as a place and a tool to train up their children in the Lord.